Fluorocarbon Coated

Compound Taper

Long Casting

Vantage tapered leaders are made from the highest quality copolymers and are designed with minimal stretch to improve casting distances when long range fishing. Each leader is fluorocarbon coated to give smoother casting, higher abrasion resistance and lower visibility.

The tapered effect of Vantage leaders means that you can tie smaller neater knots that significantly help improve casting distances and also reduce weed pick up on retrieval.

Each leader is 15m long made up of an 8m parallel section and a 7m tapered section to the butt which matches up to your mainline.

Five leaders per spool. You will not find a better tapered leader.

Colour: Clear

Range: 8-20lb / 12-30lb / 15-40lb / 15-50lb

Spool Sizes: 5 leaders of 15m

5 per
8lb 20lb 0.28 0.40 ✔
12lb 30lb 0.30 0.50 ✔
15lb 40lb 0.35 0.60 ✔
15lb 50lb 0.35 0.65 ✔

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Using the latest high tech co-polymers Ultima have produced Vantage tapered leaders with minimal stretch and a design that significantly improves casting distances for extreme range fishing. Fluorocarbon coated for more durability and distance. Designed in 15m lengths with an 8m parallel section and a 7m taper, with five leaders per spool. You will not find a better tapered leader. Full details of the specific taper are contained on the table.

“A brilliant product that will give you more range.”